Use your Creative Kids Voucher before end of Dec!

Don’t forget to use your Creative Kids Voucher with our Art Packs before the end of the year… you can even use it for Christmas!

We have designed our packs for ages 5-18 years. You will have something fun for the kids for their Holidays!

This year’s vouchers are valid until December 31st 2021. You can apply again on January 1st 2022 for another one – but the format is changing so get in quick while you can!

If you don’t have a Creative Kids Voucher yet you can follow the instructions here at Service NSW.

Have fun while learning new skills!

Each of our Art Packs come with Art Materials you can use at home with a project in each pack to the value of $100!

This is a great initiative from the Government so make sure you apply and get your pack today!

Our Packs allow children to learn colour theory, observational skills, how to follow instructions, develop skills in using an art diary, fine motor skills and also enjoy the fun of creating with your hands.

We have these great packs you can use your NSW Creative Kids Voucher for the value of $100:

Art Pack 1: Acrylic Painting 
Art Pack 2: Watercolour Painting 
Art Pack 3: Drawing 
Art Pack 4: Pastels 
Art Pack 5: Polymer Clay 
Art Pack 6: Air Dry Clay

Make sure you get yours today!

We are open 9.30-5.30 every day until the 24th of Dec, and will reopen 29th – 31st for you to redeem your vouchers!

All packs are subject to availability so get in touch today! Contact us here or call 02 45 783 555.

Creative Kids Vouchers expire Dec 31st – Claim yours today!
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