Sculpey-bake-shop-richmond-art-suppliesSculpey® Bake Shop

Bake Shop oven-bake clay is a soft and easy to condition product that is perfect for kids!  This clay does not dry out and stays super soft until you bake it in your home oven.

du-kit-makenbakeDu-Kit® make’n’bake

Du-kit is the easy to use oven bake modelling clay. The ideal material for making your own art works, craft items, decorations, jewellery, models, ornaments, toys etc.

Derwent-Just-add-water-richmond-art-suppliesDerwent ‘Just Add Water’

‘Just Add Water’ is designed to encourage and inspire watercolour artists to experiment with different types of water-soluble media.

Cray-pas-Oil-PastelsSakura Cray-Pas Junior Oil Pastels

Craypas family is ideally suited to compliment technique and expression development from childhood through high school, college, and into the professional level.

Maries-oil-pastels-richmond-art-suppliesMarie’s Oil Pastels

Jackson-Paint-Oil-PastelsJackson Paint Oil Pastels


CretaColor Coloured Pencils

daler rowney gouache creative easel set

Daler Rowney Simply Gouache Creative Easel

Huile-Oil-Louvre-Beginners-Full-SetLefranc & Bourgeois Huile Oil Louvre

The Louvre oil colours are a perfect compromise for first attempts at oil painting.

Bruynzeel-Hobby-Moment-richmond art suppliesBruynzeel Hobby Moment

Hobby Moment helps hobbyists to achieve beautiful results in a fun way.