Darwi-terracota-clayDarwi Terracotta Clay

Darwi is an air-dry clay with very little shrinkage as it dries to a hard finish within 24 hrs. Adheres to almost any medium and can be used on numerous applications. Darwi is non-toxic and paints/colours very nicely. 

Darwi-Air-dry-clayDarwi Air Dry Clay

Darwi is a white modeling compound that is nontoxic and completely hardens with very little shrinkage after air drying for about 24 to 48 hours. No firing required. Darwi sticks to most materials, including glass, plastic, and metal; it has numerous uses and applications.

Richeson Wire cutterRicheson wire cutter

Used for slicing and cutting lump clay. Also cut pots and other items from the throwing head of a potter’s wheel. 3-inch hardwood toggle handles are firmly fastened to approximately 18-inches of fine quality stainless steel wire. Sold each.

shellac-flakesShellac Flakes

Shellac is a Non Toxic – Child Safe Finish. Also used as sizing in leather-working, millinery, bookbinding, injection molding, and wall-papering industries.


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