Acrylic is a modern, versatile paint that can be used to create both traditional and modern style artworks. Acrylic dries fast and can be combined with painting mediums and collage to produce wonderful textural effects in vibrant or subtle colours. Acrylic painting class for the adventurous!  

Class Objectives: By the end of the term it is intended that students will be able to create paintings on canvas and paper using Acrylic paints with mediums and collage.

Weekly, Wednesdays 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm
Teacher: Deidre Morrison
Cost: $30 per week

Acrylic Painting Class Outline: It is intended that the class will cover:

    • Introduction – Materials and equipment.
    • Use of Mediums.
    • Colour and Tone
    • Composition and Design
    • Traditional and Abstract subjects.

Requirements: For those with no experience with acrylics, but feeling adventurous and those wishing to explore acrylics further.

Delivery Mode: This class will involve a combination of teacher demonstrations and student practical work. Individual projects with guidance from the tutor.

Items to Bring: First lesson – A3 book & 3B pencil. A materials list for students will be supplied at the first lesson, but you can bring any equipment you may have already: Paints, Brushes, Paper Boards, College Paper, Mediums

Any further art materials can be purchased from our shop on location with a 5% discount for our students who attend any of our classes.

Good quality paints & brushes will give much more satisfying results than cheap, inferior quality materials.

acrylic painting class

acrylic painting class room

Cadmium or Spectrum Crimson
Cobalt or Spectrum Blue
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Other colours that can be added:
Lemon Yellow
Cadmium or Spectrum Red
Hookers Red
Phthalo Blue

Round pointed sable or synthetic #0, #6, #10
Flat Sable or Synthetic 3/4
Cheap fine brush or Colour Shaper for Masking Fluid

Arches Cold Pressed (Medium Texture) 300gsm paper either A4 pad or a sheet.

White with wells for mixing washes, Ice block tray or saucers can be used.
Palette: White with wells for mixing washes, Iceblock tray or saucers can be used.
2B Pencil
Kneadable Eraser & Block Eraser
Masking Fluid
Masking Tape 2 or 3cms wide
Tissues, Paper Towels & Cotton Rag
Water Container: Recycled Margarine tubs best. Supplied at class.
Notebook & Pen
Loose Leaf Folder: to store notes & exercises & inspiration pictures
Backing board: Optional as supplied at class