Our Oil Painting classes are for beginners with little or no experience and also for those who have painted before wanting to further their skills. Learn the basics including colour, tone, perspective, composition and brush techniques.

You will learn from painting exercises, theory, and subjects of still life through to Landscapes. If you have your own subjects you would like to learn to paint we also encourage these. Come and experience a relaxed, friendly, inspiring and creative atmosphere.

Class Objectives: By the end of the term it is intended that students will be able to produce traditional, realistic landscape and still life paintings.

When: Weekly, Monday 12:30pm to 2:30pm
Teacher: Deidre Morrison
Cost: $30 per week

Oil Painting Classes Outline: It is intended that the class will cover:

  • Basic Elements and Principles of Art
  • Use of materials and equipment
  • Brush and Paint Techniques
  • Tone – exercise and Tonal painting
  • Colour – Colour Wheel
  • Perspective
  • Composition
  • Oil Painting Methods for Landscapes, Still Life, and Flowers

Requirements: Enthusiasm and an interest in Oil Painting, but no prior experience necessary and further development for those with some experience.

Delivery Mode: Classes involve demonstrations with informative sheets, exercises and paintings. Students are guided step by step as the classes proceed during the term. Multiple works are produced during the term. Any level of skill is accepted in our classes.

Items to Bring: First lesson – notebook & pen. A materials list for students will be supplied at the first lesson, but you can bring any equipment you may have already: Paints, Brushes, Oil Painting Paper, Boards, Palette, Solvent.
Any further art materials can be purchased from our shop on location with a 5% discount for our students who attend any of our classes.

Good quality paints & brushes will give much more satisfying results than cheap, inferior quality materials.

oil painting class

oil painting class over the shoulder