joe-cartwright-mastering-watercolors-a-practical-guideMastering Watercolor – a Practical Guide

“This book is a culmination of many years of teaching. Through it, I set out to clear up widespread misconceptions about painting with watercolors. These common confusions hold watercolor artists back from achieving their full potential.” – Joe Cartwright

Walter-Foster-How-to-DrawWalter Foster How to Draw 1

You’ll learn to draw with step-by-step lessons featuring simple instructions and clear demonstrations. And you also will learn techniques for creating various lines and textures, as well as for developing depth and form. With the help of How to Draw 1, anyone can learn to draw!

A Beginning Guide to Decorative PaintingA Beginning Guide to Decorative Painting

This beginner’s guide to decorative painting provides guidance for starting your project along with general instructions. In addition, you will find Tips & Techniques for a variety of projects.

The-Printmaking-HandbookThe Printmaking Handbook

This book is an invaluable introduction to printmaking methods, taking you step by step through the technical details as well as providing inspirational examples of prints in all media. Although some of the print processes have a long tradition and are carried out in much the same way as they always were, there can be no doubt that modern technology has made it easier to extend the potential of individual printmaking methods and to combine their efforts in multimedia images.

Watch-me-DrawWatch Me Draw

This charming book includes 11 drawing lessons, an engaging story, “reward” stickers, and a flip-down paper pad with drawing prompts. Things Girls Love features the story of Dotty, a little ladybug that has lost her way. As Dotty tries to her find the way back to her clover-patch home, she encounters a host of other adorable friends. Kids will learn how to draw all the characters featured in the story, including a busy bee, helpful snail, beautiful butterfly, and magical unicorn.

walter-foster-how-to-draw-and-paintWalter Foster How to Draw and Paint

Filled with step-by-step projects, this book is essential for any beginning artist who wants to paint beautiful oceans and seascapes.

Watercolor-painting-step-by-stepWatercolor Painting Step by Step

With this comprehensive guide, you will learn about fundamental techniques such as mixing color, developing dimension, creating special effects, and more. With the help of this stylish, technique-filled book, you’ll be well on your way to creating your own watercolor masterpieces!

walter-foster-artists-library-series-1Walter Foster Artists Library Series 1

The books in this series have helped many students expand their creativity, overcome technical obstacles, and explore new media.

Each book focuses on the materials and methods of a specific medium, and provides step-by-step demonstrations, helpful tips, and plenty of encouragement.

Walter Foster I loveWalter Foster I love Cats!

What better way for kids to show their feline fancy than with this fun-filled I Love Cats! Activity Book? Inside, kids can learn how to draw all their furry friends, keep a record of their feline favorites, and demonstrate their kitty pride with an assortment of cool cat-related items, such as bookmarks, stickers, postcards, and door hangers. Packed full of activities and projects, this book is sure to provide hours of creative entertainment for any cat enthusiast!


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