Our Friday Art – All Media classes has a nice group atmosphere where you can come and paint your choice of medium and subject with the guidance of teacher Deidre Morrison. 

If you can’t make the other classes during the week you can also attend this class to make up your class.
Regular students to this class enjoy the company of their fellow regular Friday afternoon class members.
A slightly longer class also so you have more time to do your art!

Friday Art Schedule Weekly, Friday: 12.30pm – 3.30pm
Teacher: Deidre Morrison
Cost: $30 per week

Items to Bring: You can bring any equipment you may have already: Paints, Brushes, Oil Painting Paper, Boards, Palette, Solvent.
Any further art materials can be purchased from our shop on location with a 5% discount for our students who attend any of our classes.

Good quality paints & brushes will give much more satisfying results than cheap, inferior quality materials. Contact Us now to schedule.

Friday Art - All Media Class

Friday Art - All Media Class room