Winsor & Newton Water Colours Series 1

Winsor & Newton Water Colour

Winsor & Newton Professional’ Watercolor paints offer the widest and most balanced choice of pigments with the greatest possible permanence.


 Art Spectrum Watercolours

Art Spectrum watercolours have a very high pigment content and thus give stronger tints and clean mixes, resulting in outstanding value for money.

Sakura Koi Waterbrush

Sakura Koi Waterbrush

Koi Water Brushes are designed for the easy transportation and storage of water when you’re away from home or the studio. The brush separates into two parts: a fine, flexible brush tip, and a barrel handle witha plug to carry the water. The comfortable grip is great for controlled blending, shading, and highlighting. The Koi Water Brush is available in three brush and two barrel sizes for maximum versatility.

Aquafine 12 set

Daler Rowney Aquafine

Aquafine offers brilliant, transparent, free-flowing watercolours ideal for students and hobbyists alike. All colours are traditionally manufactured in England, and stem from Daler-Rowney’s heritage as a world reference in watercolour since the 19th century when Rowney worked with Turner as his official lithographer.

Van Gogh Watercolour 12 tubes

Van Gogh Watercolour

Van Gogh is the brand for the serious artist who has an eye for quality. Van Gogh watercolors are brilliant, intense, and very transparent. Every color in the line features the highest degree of lightfastness, ensuring that your work displays the same color decades later as it did on the day you painted it

Derwent Watercolour Wallet Set of 11

Derwent Watercolour

The perfect set to take out and about with you; this stylish and practical wallet contains a specially selected set of Watercolour pencils and accessories, an ideal selection to take out on expeditions, containing 11 watercolour pencils, 1 Watersoluble Sketching pencil, a paintbrush, eraser, pencil sharpener and 8 page watercolour pad.


Art Spectrum Masking Fluid

A rubber latex solution which is painted over any dry area you wish to keep free of colour. Allow the masking fluid to dry before over-painting. Peel or rub off with fingers or suitable eraser when paint is dry.

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