A2-Chroma-Acrylic-richmond-art-suppliesA2 Chroma Art Students Acrylic

Chroma Chroma A2 Lightfast Heavy Body Acrylics are specially designed for the needs of students and beginners who wish to avoid the expense of artists colors, especially while developing their skills.

Jo-Sonja-Acrylic-richmond-art-suppliesJo Sonja Artists’ Colours

Jo Sonja Acrylic Artists’ Colours are flow formula acrylics that offer the opacity of colour and the beautiful, velvet matte finish associated with traditional gouache plus superb handling and brushing characteristics.

derivan-challenge-acrylic-richmond-art-suppliesDerivan Challenge

Derivan Challenge has all the versatility of an acrylic paint at a very economical price. It is highly suitable for general use in art education where a low-priced, trouble-free paint is desired.


Derivan Matisse Structure

Available in 95 colours, Matisse Structure Formula paint is ideal for application with a brush or palette knife for striking textured effects, or combined with the range of Matisse Mediums for exceptional flexibility of application and finish.

chromacryl-student-acrylic-richmond-art-suppliesChromacryl Students’ Acrylic

Chromacryl is a multi-purpose, creamy, consistent, and flexible acrylic paint that can do it all, from finger painting to printmaking to screen printing on T-shirts! It’s non-toxic, it mixes and cleans up in water.

Walter Foster your first steps in AcrylicWalter Foster your first steps in Acrylic

This kit includes all the instruction and materials a beginner needs to start painting in acrylic. Four artists guide readers through a variety of step-by-step painting projects that teach different techniques and aspects of acrylic painting.

Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic

System 3 is a high performance acrylic colour at a lower uniform price across the range. These richly pigmented colours, with easily manipulated fluid consistency and exceptional covering power, are ideal for art, craft and design projects by students, as well as for the amateur and professional painter using colour in large quantities.

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