Creative Kids Art Packs 2021

You can now get more creative at home with our Art Packs!

We are excited to present our Creative Kids Art Packs, designed for any age 5-18, to use with the Creative Kids Voucher. Have fun while learning new skills while working on exciting projects that can be easily followed and can be used to fuel creativity and imagination.

Call us on 02 4578 3555 to find out more.

Children under 10 should have parental supervision for these projects.

We believe Creativity is very important for a child’s development for life.

Our Packs allow children to learn colour theory, observation skills, how to follow instructions, skills for using their art diary, motor skills as well as letting them enjoy the fun of creating with their hands.

You can use your NSW Creative Kids Voucher for the value of $100 for these packs.

Art Pack 1: Acrylic Painting 
Art Pack 2: Watercolour Painting 
Art Pack 3: Drawing 
Art Pack 4: Pastels 
Art Pack 5: Polymer Clay 
Art Pack 6: Air Dry Clay

Register and claim your NSW Creative Kids Voucher at Service NSW then present it when purchasing your Art Packs. 

For more information, visit the